01. The secretary [appended] a note at the end of the memo, asking people to verify reception.
02. Many people [append] a little quotation or joke to their e-mail signature.
03. The director's name is [appended] to all official documents.
04. Some additional issues for discussion have been [appended] to the original agenda.
05. She wants to be recognized for her own contributions to society, rather than being regarded as a simple [appendage] of her husband.
06. Certain kinds of starfish have as many as fifty [appendages].
07. There are over 20 pages of grammar notes [appended] to the dictionary.
08. Readers will find the [appendices] very helpful in understanding some of the more technical language.
09. The grammar book includes [appendices] with lists of irregular verbs, phrasal verbs, and spelling rules.
10. You will find information on some of the sources for this book in [appendix] four.
11. She was asked to [append] her signature to the document.
12. This email program allows you to [append] a different quotation to your messages every day.
13. I have [appended] a sheet with comments from satisfied customers to our brochure.
14. Explanatory notes have been [appended] to some of the pages.
15. The [appendixes] in the back of your grammar book include lists of irregular verbs, irregular plurals, and verbs followed by gerunds or infinitives.
16. Robert Burton once remarked that idleness is an [appendix] to nobility.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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